If you are trying to make up your mind about whitening your own teeth at home versus going to a dentist’s office, you will first want to know if home teeth whitening products are safe?

After all, while they may whiten your teeth well and may aksi be affordable, that does not automatically mean they are safe to use.

Are home teeth whitening products safe to use at home? — The thing many people worry about when using home whitening products (for example the Tandblekning solution) is if they will damage their teeth.

Especially because, if you have your teeth whitened at the dentist, you will have a guarantee it is safe. You will also be getting them done by someone who has whitened hundreds if not thousands of sets of teeth.

In actual fact, however, using home teeth whitening products at home is completely safe for most people and at most times. There are just a couple of caveats you need to know about.

The manufacturer’s instructions — Any home teeth whitening product on the market is likely to have been thoroughly tested before it was first sold. The manufacturer that is selling it to you will then sell it knowing the product is completely safe, and not likely to damage your teeth or hurt you.

There is one caveat to this statement, however, and that is as long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions. That means applying it correctly, keeping it on for the time the manufacturer states is safe and then removing it safely and quickly afterwards.

Do these things and using home teeth whitening products at home is just as safe as being at the dentist’s office.

American Dental Association recommended — If you are still not sure if the home teeth whitening product you are going to buy is safe, choose one with the approval seal of the American Dental Association (ADA) on the packaging.

The ADA usually only recommends products they are completely sure about, so you can feel much more secure if you use one of them.