Many wonder what PhenQ really is. Some have had this question for many years, it’s been heard of but it’s self explanatory. PhenQ is a weight loss pill (see more on Mairanutrition). They came into the scene in 2012, and now 2019 rolls around and it’s become quitepopular.

A lot of diet pills get bad reps because they’re not safe or simply do not work. But I will tell you a little bit about the PhenQ product, the PhenQ product itself is a special blend of weight loss ingredients to provide users with unique benefits designed into one single pill. It’s supposed to surpress your appetite, so that you snack less. In addition it’s helpful in burning the fat that is stored in your body, boost your energy and metabolism and improve your mood.

One tablet should be taken with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The ingredients are 150 mg l-Carnitine Fumarate, another is 142.5 mg Caffeine Anhydrous, another is 25 mg a-Lacys Reset, another ingredient 20 mg Nopal, and a few more ingredients that is stated which 4.5 mg Niacin Powder, 3 mg Piperine Extract, 10 mcg Chromium. Other ingredients that are used are in the production are calcium carbonate and magnesium stearate, even though we don’t know how much minerals of those are actually used. The owner and maker of PhenQ claim to use a hundred percent of natural ingredients used. While we know that some of these ingredients aren’t exactly established when it comes to weight loss, that information is provided.

Customer reviews about PhenQ can be found all over the internet, most say the enjoy the benefits of phenQ, while there are some mixed reviews sprinkled throughout. But both men and women have experienced positive results while using PhenQ. Some even claim that PhenQ has worked when nothing else worked, and then you have other users who have used it and it did nothing to help them. Maybe just give it a whirl yourself and see if you like it or not – just make sure your diet is on par!