Vaping and smoking offer users the best way to enjoy the pleasure cigarettes and cannabis products come with. However, they all have risks and side effects every user should know. Are you wondering which one is safe? This guide brings you the health benefits of vaping vs. smoking for your better understanding.


To begin with, vaping involves inhalation of aerosol containing various chemicals, mainly nicotine and flavor. An e-cigarette or a unique device is used to provide nicotine by heating a liquid in a much harmless way. Smoking, on the other side, gives nicotine through the burning of tobacco.


Generally, neither vaping nor smoking have health benefits to humans. According to scientific evidence, smoking tends to be quite harmful than vaping. Since cigarettes have plenty of toxic substances than vaping liquids, but this doesn’t imply that vaping is safe based on the following reasons.


  • Most e-cigarettes have high amounts of nicotine, a chemical substance that lowers the brain’s growth and development in fetuses and teens.
  • The vaping liquid is highly dangerous to children and adults when swallowed, inhaled, or comes into contact with the skin.
  • Vaping offers various harmful chemicals like diacetyl, heavy metals, cancer-causing chemicals, and VOCs (volatile compounds).


Studies reveal that a total of 2807 patients were hospitalized or died due to vaping at the beginning of 2020. The list of vaping’s long term side effects is quite limited than smoking. But most studies show that vaping can:

  • Causes damage to the lungs
  • Delivers radicals in the body which may initiate cancer development
  • Makes your immune system weak
  • Limits brain development in kids, fetuses, and teenagers

Some people have reported to sustain burns caused when recharging the e-cigarettes. This is because of defective batteries that may result in explosions.


However, the exclusion of vitamin E acetate and other harmful ingredients from vaping products (see vape shop) have made it beneficial. In other words, the number and severity of symptoms experienced by people who vape have incredibly reduced. Plus, it is relatively cheaper than smoking, although they may all give the same feeling.


As for smoking, research indicates that it is quite harmful to your health as it causes death, damages specific body organs, and much more. Besides, smoking has numerous long term effects on your body. They are as follows;

  • Lowers sperm count in men
  • Increases the risk of pregnancy loss
  • Damages your immune system
  • May cause cancer to many parts of the body
  • Initiates asthma attacks
  • Increases the risk of stroke
  • Impairs your general health


Bottom Line

To this end, it is evident that both vaping and smoking are not the safest options. Vaping is relatively less harmful than smoking, and the discussion above can support that. However, the safest option is to quit vaping and smoking to stay healthier and avoid succumbing to the side effects each carries.